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Let me explain how I use my shoutcast for my 'station.'

On my server I have ~2,000 MP3 files stored, each one is an old time radio detective show of one sort or another - Dragnet, Johnny Dollar, Philip Marlowe, etc- or an ID or other canned announcement.

The playlist is just that - a list of these episodes with the order somewhat randomized, such that a 1949 Dragnet episode will play, followed by a 1949 Philip Marlowe, then a 1949 Sam Spade, then a 1950 Johnny Dollar, a 'station ID', etc etc.

sc_trans plays the files on this playlist of ~1500 entries proceeding along from first entry to the last, then starts over.

There is no DJ, no interruption, no change of playlist. It just runs, without intervention of any kind unless something stops.

So, let's say that all is well, file in the playlist at position #652 is playing to 742 listeners but then the server itself - the operating system- crashes dues to some kind of AC power problem at the datacenter.

So now, when power returns and Ubunu is running again sc_trans and sc_serv have to be restarted (I haven't automated this-)

When sc_trans restarts it will look at it's sc_trans_conf file and start the playlist at file #1, then #2, etc.

But since sc_trans was at file # 652 when things went sideways, going back to file# 1 is not ideal. It would be better if the playlist 'picked up where it left off' and played file #653, then #654 etc when restarted.
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