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Weird Bug

Perhaps maybe someone can help me reset this plug in to it's default state? I tried setting it up in the Organizational Rules option to have it sort/rename my files in this format.

<Artist>\<Album>\<Artist> - <Album> - <Track2> - <Title>

Set it and then, the plug in simply doesn't work anymore. It does nothing when clicking the organize button. Doesn't move the files, rename them, nothing. Guess it could be worse and do something I didn't want it too but, ho well. So I tried uninstalling the plug in via WinAMPs plug in window, tryied manually deleting all the files in the plug in folder, and every time I reinstall the plug in it has the same settings and still does not work. Any thoughts? Your help is much appreciated.

Just a side note, using the very latest version of WinAMP Pro.
Vista Ultimate x64

The plug in worked fine before I tried changing any settings. *shrug*
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