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Hey everyone!

Here's an the update. I have figured out how to include all of the extended tags such as Album Artist and Disc. This will be included in 2.0.

I am basically going through all of the suggestions that have been posted and I will be implementing most of them. I have nothing to do this weekend, so much of my time will be spent on this project.

If you guys have any more ideas on how I can improve the plugin then please post them now.

So far:
"but the plugin do not work at winamp 5.52 It shut winamp down during organizing."
** Fixed

"Great plug-in. Seems speedy and effective. The one sad thing that it is missing is the ability to use the field in Organization Rules. I organize all my music in folder by album artist, so without the feature, the plug-in is kind of useless to me. Any chance of adding it?"
** Yes!! I just figured this out and it will be included.

"I like this plugin a lot, but it has some points of improvement.* the grid that contains the rules should be a little bit bigger, you can only see 2 or 3 rules at a glimpse, and so it is difficult to sort and to compare rules.* Should be nice to add an key, to keep same album with different artists together. Nice work, keep going!"
** I made the rules window bigger and now you can use Album Artist

"Great Plugin. But is there any way to use die DISC Tags in the Format String? <Disc> will not work "
** <Disc> works now.

There also seems to be some problems with Windoews Vista and I do not own Vista (I'm on XP). If anyone is on Vista 32bit or 64bit and would like to beta test then let me know.

I will submit a new version tomorrow. (Sunday Feb 24)

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