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Well, my apologies AlanS. I went back to the top of the thread and saw where I messed up. Somehow I missed the FIRST paragraph that did say it PHYSICALLY MOVED the files. Somehow all I had originally read was organize like iTunes. And since I was unfamiliar with how iTunes does it, I figure whats the harm, I'll give it a try.

Turns out you are also correct about the MOVE. In the jumbled up mess, I found the original folders still in tact. But that really didn't help any. My biggest problem was the lack of the MP3 file extension. I think the default configuration should include keeping the extension. Without it, Winamp can't find the files and neither could Tag&Rename. I had no way of getting the extension added back on 7,000 files. Somehow I would think the ml_org might add the extension back if configured correctly. But then can ml_org find the MP3's if the extension is missing?

After a little over a day,I was able to track down a backup copy across town. I had written the files to a portable drive just two weeks prior. So it turned out not much editing of ID3 tags was lost.

You asked what I thought it did. Thats the biggest problem, I wasn't thinking. I was looking for a replacement for Dynamic Library since it wouldn't any longer "see" the folders that had custom icons added. Adding custom icons to a folder forces that folder to be a system folder which DL would not read. So I was basically looking for a ML plugin that displayed the song list as filenames. Trying out everything I could find. There are no other plugins like DL.

I have not tried the new ml_org. Too scared. Now that I have all my files back in place, I think I'll stop playing with new toys. However, I think "GrandChild" had a good suggestion with bringing up the configure dialog prior to running is a good idea.
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