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Now I have stopped by again, and I want to leave a .zip-folder with 12 images, 2x6, in 2 subfolders. You know, I am an artist...

At first I began to test the preset only with "neon2.jpg" by hakanh, then also with "neon2alternative1.jpg" by xmuzack (originally downloaded as "screenshot_the_city_of_spectrum.jpg"). And last weekend I got the idea to try out also the color-exchanges with IrfanView (5 different color-exchanges per image are possible). In the evening I checked again the preset with now 12 textures from the subset "neon2" for more than 1 hour. The preset is really very good, but I like also all 12 textures.

BTW, if You want, that only the 6 "neon2"-images by hakanh should have a chance to be picked randomly by the preset, then the 6 "neon2alternative1"-images by xmuzack can be also renamed, so that the filesnames begin with "neonalternative1" instead (or with "thecityofspectrum1"). I myself kept the filenames like in my .zip-folder.

Have fun!...
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