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Hi Sabine Klare,

You are right and it seems logical to change names. I'm sorry but I can not say I like xmuzack's texts (neon2...) very much. So, it was not in my archive.
Why did I give 'neon2' name to my text? Beause, I downloaded more than twenty neon-based pictures and I've numbered them in order. (like neon1, neon2, neon3, ...) And this collision must be a coincidence.

In fact, this is not a problem for me. Because, "Hakan - Mega X-spiral tiles (neon lights effect)" is not a final version. It was only a test version. It's already new variations are ready and I will be more careful about naming. Besides all of these, there is another problem. I named wrong it! Because, it was not a spiral shape but I named X-spiral...

Anyway, now we can focus on new things. You can see a new version its: (I will add to my final pack, so I will not share it in the near future.)

Also, I will try your new color effect for "neon2". I can change if I get better results. Thanks.
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