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Today I have downloaded the 4 newest presets.

Of course the other textures (by xmuzack) are additional and not necessary. If they are not wanted in the textures folder, then they don't need to be there. I myself use them, and I use very wide bandwidths of images. On my harddrives many subsets are very large.

But of course I have excluded my 4 posted photos with the animals (ducks, swans, sheep) from my random textures and also from my desktop wallpapers, and they can "sleep" in my other subfolders. You can view them in my thread "My Photos of Parks in Berlin 2016". But You know, that the animals in the photos should not be stretched. We can do that only with trees, leaves and other plants. And only a few of my pre-selected own photos had come into my final selection, while I didn't pre-select many of my other photos. My photos have to be very perfect.

I will check out the presets in the following days.

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