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Originally Posted by jaromanda View Post
- no that's JUST THE SOURCE

Source: winamp + dsp plugin
Server: where ever your DNAS is running

How many external listeners do you have at the time? I mean, you can't have more than about 6 at best if DNAS is locally hosted ( suggests it is) - but during the time that the album art is being sent, you'll have issues probably with a single listener - I don't know how DNAS "limits" the speed of album art transfer to clients, it's not documented anywhere
I see I might have typed that a little ambiguously, I meant to say I do have the server (DNAS) and the source (winamp + dsp plugin) running on the same computer. It's really for testing out and isn't intended to have more than 3 listeners right now. I've tested it with 1, 2, and 3 external listeners and the issue is persistent and identical regardless of it. I've also tested listening on another computer by LAN ( and it does the same.
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