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Embed Album Art Within the Music File/Ideal Ripping Settings

Hi there, just joined and I have a quick question for anyone who may know.

I've been using winamp to play music on pc for years, but have never used it for ripping or burning. For that I have always used Music Match Jukebox, which many of you know has been unsupported for years.

Recently I decided that I love winamp as a player so I may as well make it all purpose. That however, has not gone so well.

So. . .

How do I tell Winamp to embed the album art into the file and not dump and image file in the folder? I am extremely particular about my music (properly tagged, album art included, no extra files, good quality, bitrates not excessive, etc) and frankly will not have it any other way. I've been doing this for eleven years and I don't plan on stopping now. I keep all my tracks in one folder. That folder contains no other types of files. There is no reason to group music according to album and artist folders, that's what tagging is for. So how do I get winamp to do this? If not, what program is out there that can rip, auto lookup tags and artwork, edit tags, and embed the art file?

Also. . . because this is stressing me out. What rip settings should I use? Ten years ago I would have only ripped/downloaded tracks at 128k. Over time I have decided that this is much too low (although studies find that most individuals can't tell the difference in a song they are well familiar with) and went from that to 160 to 192. In recent years I noticed everyone going 256 (the absolute limit as far as I'm concerned) and even higher. So I started ripped at variable bit rates. I think I used 80% on MMJB. Winamp however has so many different settings that I'm easily confused. What is ideal? I personally believe that on most stereos the human ear cannot tell the difference in 256 vs 128 on a familiar track, but I also am not hurting for storage, so I prefer a higher quality. I don't stress about hard disc space, but I don't want to be using that space for massive files with quality so high it is imperceptible.

Sorry for the novel. Thanks for your assistance.
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