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Use Mp3 Encoder with constant bitrate, I use the maximum Mp3 Bitrate of 320kbits. Personally I can hear the difference between 192 and 224 kbits easily on Hifi stuff. Difference from that to everything higher is hard to notice.

With that setting files get rarely over 10 mb, mostly 5-7 mb per track, are mp3player syncable (speaking of ipods which are too stupid for other formats) and support tags.

The Tags can be obtained via rightclick on song, send to:, auto-tag.
I do not know how to embed the covers, guessing its not even an option with other mediaplayers. Maybe your MusicMatch just pasted your covers also as hidden jpg and you didnt notice, Winamp doesnt give them hidden system file attributes, Windows Media Player does. Just try "show hidden system files" in folder options.
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