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I have been very happy with my purchase mentioned on post #11 of that thread. They grip extremely well and are rated to 149, far faster than what I need. Even H rated tires are overkill if your car is limited to 108. I don't have a governor on my car, but I doubt I would be able to pass 149, even with 263hp under the hood. The truck probably does have a governor, but I don't feel safe pushing it too far because of it's height and off-road suspension. Besides, I don't drive super fast much anymore.

The Michelin Primacy MXV4's that I use have saved the lives of many deer and have kept me safe in really insane Iowa weather. They corner extremely well in the mountains of PA and NY where one mistake could have you fertilizing a tree with brain matter. They have operated well in negative double-digit cold and positive triple-digit heat, wet and dry roads, snow, mud, and ice. They're not going to outperform super-swampers from a jeep, but overall they have been great for my car, even when I probably should have taken a 4x4. Finally, I can say that they're almost 3 years old, and they have around 40,000-45,000 miles on them, and they still have decent meat on them despite some harsh aggressive driving.

Don't forget to watch this video about tire age at the time of purchase.

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