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I've got a credit card, but I treat it like a debit card, and I don't use it unless I've got the money in one account or another to pay it off when I get the bill in (Short of any multi-grand emergency expenditures that I have yet to encounter)...I've only just received it the beginning of the year so I'm essentially building up credit right now...

Same sort of mindset that's holding me back from continuing college, where I could pay JCTC community college tuition, but without proper financial aid I'm not digging myself into a years-long hole taking out loans just to attend UofL...

"I just want to lie in my own crusty filth, eating rancid egg sandwiches, until some unfortunate paramedic has to blow down my door to find my bloated and pasty corpse wedged between the nightstand and mattress stained with Bengay and Robitussin DM." - Greg Gutfeld on sex and seniors
"Syphilis does not stay in Vegas. Debt collectors do not stay in Vegas. Dead hookers stay in Vegas, but the guilt stays with you forever." - Bill Schultz
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