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Certain files won't play / not showing after 4.0.4

As it says in the thread title, after Ice Cream Sandwich, a few of my albums simply will not play off of my RAZR on my PC. When browsing my library on my RAZR, detached from my PC, those same files don't even show up. At first these albums were synced to my device and labeled as 'unknown', they were playable at this point on my PC. I deleted them and re-synced. They then showed on the device while hooked up to my PC with the proper tags, but would not play. On the RAZR itself, they simply don't show up.

The files play just fine from my hard drive, but once they are transferred to my RAZR it's a no go. All the troublesome albums I have found so far are m4a. Other m4a files play just fine. What's going on here? Everything was working flawlessly before Ice Cream Sandwich.

I was tempted to think it was a problem with ICS, but all the files that will not play in Winamp on my RAZR play just fine in the stock player. I have double check the advanced settings, and all the necessary supported formats are there. I'm at a loss.

Any help would be appreciated.
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