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I found a better solution to my problem anyways. Say your mp3 tags are not exactly right and you click the winamp icon (bottom right) in winamp moble then click say like Rap it doesn't aways show what songs are in the correct folder. Its not winamps fault its just the mp3 tag process.

If you do this it will be much nicer. Open winamp and click your settings button on phone. then click customize home and move the folders icon up above like artist, albums, songs, genres and all that. Then click the settings button again and hit Folders icon once you get to where your MP3's are stored (folder before) click and hold and tell it to Set Home! Then when you open winamp and click the bottom right icon you can just click the folders icon and it goes right to where you want. You just click what genre you want or folder depending on how you have your phone setup it basically is just browsing the sdcards mp3 folder that you set as home. All plays from there! Woot Wooot
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