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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
i use EAC to rip. as with winamp, u mark a folder to rip to. it then uses this convention for "normal" CDs:

%albuminterpret%\%albumtitle%\%artist% - %tracknr2% - %title%

or this one for "VA CDs" which it detects automatically based on metadata:

%albuminterpret%\%albumtitle%\%albumtitle% - %tracknr2% - %artist% - %title%

its highly configurable.
What are those tag labels in terms of ID3v2.3 tag terminology? For instance, is %albuminterpret% the same as TIT1 or is it something else? Does Winamp interpret these tag labels the same way as EAC? Does MP3Tag?

Link to ID3v2.3 tag descriptions below.

I use EAC to rip and name my files, but I've never trusted it to put the files in the correct destination folder (mainly because I don't use the common de facto storage structure).

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