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I wish there will be an option in wireless syncing to choose where to save the files so i do not have to deal with MTP's issues.
I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 (International) and there is no known way for me to mount the file as USB Mass Storage. MTP also has issues where it is incapable of transferring some files. I've been able to download those same exact songs when I plug the microusb card to the system, but not when it's done via MTP.

Another thing to wish for is:
When syncing playlists and such, I really wish that winamp doesn't have to redownload ALL my music everytime I resync. Can it not just check to see if the files are already there and leave it alone ?

Synced music files via MTP are not recognized. A song will be shown 1 way on the desktop winamp, but when it gets downloaded to the phone, it shows a different name and everytime i sync it, it asks if I want to delete those files because it doesn't recognize the file and when i look at it, it shows that they're redownloading the same exact file.. just that winamp is displaying the same exact file differently.
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