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Originally Posted by QOAL View Post
Webgl/shader stuff is alien to me, so I've started working on an editor for this.

Here's a screen shot of how it currently looks:

The idea I have for this is that besides the main editor (Which is resizeable), you can pop out effects into their own window.
It should also allow for the visualisation to be shown in the page background, or in a window.
And in an ideal world you'll be able to drag & drop avs presets on to the window to load them.

I'll post a link to it when it starts getting usable.

I don't have WebVS running locally because I don't have whatever is used to build it (I assume it's node), so there is no integration with that currently.
This looks really nice. Is this is a standalone desktop tool?
I have also put together a somewhat basic HTML5 UI that could replace the textbox in the demo.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

Somewhat basic stage right now, please check the code, i have put it on a separate branch on the repo (
The UI is pretty much similar to AVS itself. Popout and Drag and Drop are great ideas, the visualization can be played in the background, just like the demo we have right now.

WebVS uses grunt for building. You need to have nodejs, npm and grunt installed.

Clone the repo and run
npm install

This will install all the build tools.

To build, i run
This will generate all the files in the build directory.

To test, i run a simple http server in the repo directory with
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

and hit localhost:8000 in the browser.

Also, if you run
grunt watch

it'll run a continuous build, whenever you save files it'll regenerate, so you just have to refresh the browser.
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