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I want to come back to this thread with the trains now, after I have remembered another part in my childhood last night...

1973-1978 I went to a primary school with "Montesorri Pedagogy". After the fifth class my parents forced me to change the school, although I wanted to stay there until finishing also the sixth class. I had some schoolmates, who lived in a house with a garden (all their parents had well-paid jobs). One of them lived together with his younger brother in such a house. The family had a little swimming-pool in the garden. They had not only their rabbits, at first 2, later more and more rabbits. They had also a model railway in their loft. The trainsets had a bigger normed size than the trainsets in Nidda-Harb, and I saw this model railway in action more than once. In the Seventies & Eighties the children in Germany had to go to school 6 days per week, early in the morning until midday. After the school I visited one of my schoolmates very often, or one of them visited me. We got our lunch, we did our homeworks, and we played with the toys or in the different gardens. We holded also the rabbits in our arms and we played with the trainsets, when I visited this boyfriend. I think, he and his brother are owning the house now or they will own it some day, and the model railway will be still in the loft, if the children of the next generation have been born. I didn't hear something anymore from this boyfriend since a long time, but I wish to know that, of course.

Many children wish to have an own model railway with many trainsets, but only for less of them their wish will become true some day. High incomes and very much place are needed, but only less adults have enough incomes and enough place at home to have an own model railway for themselves or their family. An own house with an own garden is very good. Mostly these people have their model railway in the loft. Thousands of cables are connected, and they have to be checked from time to time. The people with their own model railways need also enough free time to manage them, and they are true fans of the model railways.

I have another question now, but I want to stay in this thread. Does it happen also in other cities and in other countries than only in Berlin and in Germany itself? Many people seem to have fun, if they throw their garbage on the railroad tracks, although there are enough trash cans on the train stations. It is forbidden to throw garbage on the railroad tracks, and it does not look very nice with lots of garbage there. In September I have seen, that also much garbage is thrown into the fountains and artificial waterfalls, and I absolutely do not like that...

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