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The French Radio Plugin is included with the official French installer for Winamp.
Both the plugin and French Winamp translation are by

There should be an option in the installer to not install the plugin (on the Choose Components page).

To remove the plugin, delete %ProgramFiles%\Winamp\Plugins\gen_LMPwa.dll

As for the Traduction par (Translation by menu item....
This is added by the French language pack.
You would need to extract & edit winamp.lng from Winamp\Lang\Winamp-fr-fr.wlz
by removing these lines from Menu > 101

MENUITEM "Traduction par", -25534

Then save winamp.lng and re-add it to the wlz

You can use 7Zip to extract from & recompress the .wlz ,
and any Resource Editor (ResHack, Restorator, VisualStudio, etc) to edit winamp.lng

Or just switch to the default English translation instead (via Winamp > Prefs > Localization)
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