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Originally Posted by Afrow UK View Post
Without looking at the source code, I can guess some use API's that only work prior to Vista or after Windows 98. None of the plug-ins will allow you to find a 64-bit process (because this cannot be done from a 32-bit process unless you use WMI).
Further investigation suggests that nsProcess by Instructor is the newest of all and supports finding a 64-bit process if NSIS itself was built on an x64 system. It doesn't support Unicode, however, which a recent revision of FindProceDLL does.

The Processes plug-in has an x64 Vista fix, but there is no information about what that fix means.

My conclusion is that nsProcess is the most mature & complete package (except that some reported it triggers their anti-virus software). I can, of course, be mistaken - so if you think otherwise please let me know.
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