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Hi, I have created a modification of FindProcDLL plugin, because I found out it doesn't work on 64 bit Windows. It's alpha so far, briefly tested (ANSI version not at all). For the time being I don't recommend it for any serious project.

Changes you won't like:
- removed support for Win9x (too much trouble with it, sorry)

Positive changes:
- can find 64 bit processes (no WMI)
- can find processes called like a short path (for example you are looking for Program.exe, but it's called with a short path, so the real process name is e.g. PROGR~1.EXE and you wouldn't find it before)
- excludes current process from all searches

- you can search for an entire path (or any part of it - from the left), for example:
PHP Code:
FindProcDLL::FindProc "C:\Program Files\MyProg\Prog.exe"
FindProcDLL::FindProc "C:\Program Files" 
- you can search for a subpath from the right (backslash is expected in the process path right before the searched string):
PHP Code:
FindProcDLL::FindProc "MyProg\Prog.exe"
FindProcDLL::FindProc "Program Files\MyProg\Prog.exe" 
- integrated KillProc function (all of the above updates apply to it):
PHP Code:
FindProcDLL::KillProc "myprog.exe" 
- added function WaitProcEnd, which waits for a process to exit (doesn't consume any processor time, uses WaitForSingleObject):
PHP Code:
FindProcDLL::WaitProcEnd "myprog.exe" -
the second parameter is timeout, if it is reached, the function returns 100 and doesn't wait for the process (recommended value is -1);
if there was no process to wait for, 0 is returned, if successfully waited, returns 1

- added function WaitProcStart, which waits until a certain process start (very processor-intensive, timeout is this time used for the polling interval, set at least 250 ms, 500 is better)
PHP Code:
FindProcDLL::WaitProcStart "myprog.exe" 300 
returns 0 on success

- plugin size is 3.5 kB

All returned values go to $R0, just like in the standard version. I will likely upgrade it soon, if and when I encounter any bugs. Let me know if you find something.
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