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Thank You, Aminifu. I will try to do the best.

I remember, I had posted in Facebook, that Windows 8 would look very ugly. Someone, much younger than me, had commented: "Ich bleibe bei XP, bis ich in die Kiste springe!" ("I'll stay on XP, until I'll jump into the box!"). He wants to still use XP, as long as he is alive.

Someone else is very angry, that XP is unsupported now, because he had installed some very expensive software. These versions don't work on Windows 7. He would have to buy newer versions of all the software, and he would have to pay again very much money. Otherwise he could still use XP, but offline, as long as his XP machine would work, and for the internet he could use another computer.

On XP the "Transparent Firefox", customized with Stylish, wasn't possible yet. Vista and above is required. I love to see Milkdrop in Desktop Mode behing my "Transparent Firefox" (with Winamp in Windowshade Mode). On my PC with Windows Vista I have no problems doing that, but on my notebook with Windows 7 I have the flickering-problems, if I put Milkdrop on the desktop. It will be a nightmare for me, if Windows Vista will be unsupported some day. I know, that many people hate Windows Vista, but I love this Windows Version.

I don't really know, why one of the XP machines didn't work anymore July 2007. January 2006 there was a pipe break in the apartment above, and we got a water damage. The apartments below stayed dry, because we were at home. We had to move, and after the moving we checked our music synthesizers, TV etc. They still worked, but maybe the water damage was the cause, why suddenly we were not able anymore to turn on this XP machine, while I had to bring the other one to the service shop. For a passionated XP User a fire in the house or apartment would be a nightmare (it would be the most terrible nightmare anyway). Maybe a damaged XP machine could be repaired, but a destroyed XP machine can never be replaced, also not by an insurance.

We do not want to think about such things, we should enjoy our computers, mobile devices and of course also our Winamps. And I have learned, we should be something brave...

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