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Isosceles Mashup Collection - 1,131 organized presets

After releasing the Cream of the Crop preset collection, I had a good understanding of the visuals that could be further explored. So I started doing mashups just for fun and stumbled across fresh visuals.

--- Collection of 1,131 Milkdrop presets
--- Includes preview images of each preset

--- The presets have been organized into categories and subcategories folders. The organizational structure matches that of the Cream of the Crop collection, so both collections can be installed into NestDrop and they will seamlessly merge together.
--- Organized into 10 category folders: Dancer, Drawing, Fractal, Geometric, Hypnotic, Particles, Reaction, Sparkle, Supernova, Waveform.
--- Within each of these category folders the presets have been further organized into various subcategory folders.

--- Many thanks to the original preset authors for sharing their work. It's much fun to mashup the presets and discover some new possibilities.
--- Also included in this collection are a few presets from other artists that I found on this forum.

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