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Originally Posted by Fumbling_Foo View Post
Yes, it has been quite a journey working on the Star Forge project, hakanh . I watched the youtube video and it is quite good. Was it done in real time?

I have a couple ideas about where to go next for another preset project, but haven't put any effort towards them yet. From what I gather you and others are interested in what I will do next, which is very inspiring and comforting, giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling too .

I've been busy with other projects and gaming and the like (I'm having a great time playing Divinity: Original Sin 2), but I'll see if I can fit preset authoring into my schedule again some time .
I'm not exactly sure, but these images are being developed on a C # based custom interface. But as I said earlier I think this video will a great source of inspiration for the development of your "Star Forge" preset. It is so cool.

Of course, if you want to develop the next generation of your preset and if you can see that power in yourself.

And I read last comments. I wish you get well soon...
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