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A bug fix for the per vertex code and a couple of finishing touches for what has been a most epic preset if I say so myself. Martin's beat detection, even if its the first version, was easy to use and just incredible - I can't thank the programming artists enough for their code. I apologize for the rapid-fire updates, but I'd rather release them sooner than later before anyone possibly gets their heart set on a particular version and tires of the general concept.

Will something come after this? Without fail, there will probably be a v7b (edit: yup...), c, etc. like there always is in the pursuit of perfection, but this version is pretty impressively good at what it does. I do have an idea, its just the problem of translating imagination into reality for a very novice programmer. Maybe I'll find the code, but if not I'm thoroughly satisfied with Acid Mandala v7(a) .

Ok, so I figured out a cool trick for the wave functions to make them interfere with each other and generate more and better patterns. Been testing it some it does seem to be a definitve improvement to the center pattern. So... Here's v7b, enjoy .

Like my avatar? Check out my Synaescope preset project later on in the Star Forge topic . Nearly endless mandalesque patterns going to the energy of the music .
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