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is this possible?!

Hi, I am not really a programmer tho I am trying to learn at the mo... I mainly do electronics...

I wanted to try and make something that can sit on my network and have a winamp plugin send the audio data to it, for it to be played on a hifi, as well as playing on the laptop... guess it doesnt matter if it is sent the mp3 data or actual audio data...

I also want to try and send it title information and allow it to control winamp, in addition to being able to control it from keyboard/computer screen...

do you think this would be possible? is it very difficult to write plug ins? what language is the best/easiest/most common to use?

Thanks for any help!

Also, is it possible to get a plugin to read the part of the playlist that isnt playing, say, songs 2-8 (get titles/artists) of a playlist of 100 where song 88 is playing...


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