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I have a question related to Winamp Essentials, more specific about the Find File on Disk Plug-in translation thing on the installer.

The plug-in is translated to the language your Windows installation has or to the languange you did choose on the installer?

is just that I have the Winamp in english and when installed the essentials pack I clicked on the translate the plug-in checkbox and when I checked it on Winamp it didn't came out in english nor spanish (my Windows XP is in spanish) but into another language, my guess is that is was german.

This is how it appears on the winamp.ini file:

[Find File on Disk]
menu=Op Schijf Zoeken Ctrl+F
hotkey=Algemeen: Huidig bestand op Schijf Vinden

I fixed it by editing that file but the question is how exactly works the translation for that plug-in?

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