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Ambient Post

I've been enjoying Shoutcast for many years, and I thank you for providing such a cool format for unique, commercial-free, and free music.

I've read 4 pages of forum posts in an effort to find an answer to my issue. I haven't so here it is: every night I log onto, and click Ambient (in the "classic" version now), and then can usually find a channel called "cryosleep." I cannot find this channel nor the others I enjoyed listening to under that sub-genre of Electronica.

I figured I could just do a search for Ambient, but that yields no results. If I search for Cryosleep, I find nothing either. However, if I go to the classic, I find it (and the others I traditionally have had found with no issue).

Oddly, I can search Drone and it will pull up Drone Zone for me, but I would like to be able to tune into Cyrosleep from the new interface. Can this be accomplished?

Also, is there a plan to add back the sub-categories? I liked being able to flip through the Drum and Bass subcategory and others depending on mood. The new genres are too broad (and are too mainstream). I liked other Ambient channels that I don't recall the exact names of, and now I'll not be albe to find those seemingly.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and guidance,

Tom Jr
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