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Windows 7 Display Size incompatibility

Hi there - I've searched this forum as well as the help pages, faqs and googled this. I have yet to see anything similar.

I just upgraded to Winamp 5.8 with the Big Bento skin and I'm using Windows 7. I've set my display to boost the size of the menus, text and whatnot to 150% through the Control Panel\Display. Please note that this is not a change in the resolution itself.

When I have the display set to 150% I am not able to freely navigate the media library, meaning that I can't click on certain items in the menus. It seems like my cursor will be in one area but Winamp thinks it is in another (ie cursor will be over a list item, but instead a text cursor appears for a text box above the song list). I end up having to use my arrow keys to navigate a lot of the time which is a bit cumbersome.

Not sure if this is a Windows problem (I haven't seen it with any other applications I've been running so I'm assuming not) or an area Winamp hasn't checked out yet.
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