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Problems with playlist sync and album art in Winamp for Android

Using Winamp for Android 0.9.2 on Galaxy S (Android 2.1.1) and Winamp 5.6.1 on Windows 7 PC. Love what you have done so far but having a couple of problems.

1) Using a USB connection, the sync works perfectly the first time, but when I add a song to my local media library and sync, the song is transferred but the playlist on the Galaxy S is not updated so I have to do it manually after the sync. This also occurs if I "send to" or drag from the playlist on the PC to the Galaxy S.

2) Using a wireless connection, I am having the same problem where the playlist on the Galaxy S is not updated and in addition, some of my mp3 files that are synced lose tack of imbedded album art. The art is still in the tag, but not showing up in the Winamp player on the Galaxy S.
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