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Some tracks transcoded by ml_pmp are 0kb

When I try to sync with my Desire Z (Android) over USB, Winamp successfully goes through my 3000-song-or-so media library, and reports no error, however after restarting Winamp it only reports 1500 or so files on the device - the other 1500 have to be re-transcoded. Looking on the device's SD card, the tracks that Winamp thinks were not transferred are all 0kb. If I click "sync" on Winamp and watch the files it's working on, they grow in size from 0kb to whatever, but then as soon as Winamp moves to the next file in the queue they revert to 0kb.
My library is a mix of mainly Flac and m4a, but with some WMAs, mp3s, and more exotic things here and there - I can't, however, see any sort of pattern to which files it struggles with.
Is there any sort of debug log that I can activate with ml_pmp to give more information?
Hoping to get this fixed, and happy to help towards that goal;

EDIT: looking further, it seems any files that need to be transcoded suffer this issue. I'm using the HE-AAC encoder @ 96 kbps. In a separate bug that partly stopped me noticing this, I have the "max bitrate to transfer without transcoding" set to 126kbps, but there are a lot of mp3s of at least 128kbps that still get transferred without transcoding.

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