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on reading the req'd information thread:
Winamp 5.601, clean install, only removed Winamp Agent and Taskbar Controls from the installed plugins, all else stock.
As I said, I tried a clean install - (to see the database export/import only restore half of my prior library and leave me with 1500 unrated songs to go through, $#!@!! - but that's a separate problem) - and have not installed any other plugins. I completely deleted the Winamp and %APPDATA%\Roaming\Winamp directories before installing again.
Running Win 7 x64 on an Intel i5 660 with an ASUS motherboard and a Corsair Force SSD. Tracks are stored on a NAS mounted as a normal folder - previously to me nuking my Winamp install, ml_ipod transcoded them just fine so I hope this isn't an issue. The Desire Z is just mounted as a disk drive (which presents the SD card as a Mass Storage Device to Windows) - Winamp detects it as an Android device and not simply a generic storage card.

Any more information needed?

EDIT: Forgot to mention - before transferring, Winamp says "not enough space on the device", but this is a blatant lie and it continues anyway: my 9 day 2 hour 15 minute and 60 second library
= 785,722 seconds
= 75,429,312 kb @ 96 kbps
= 9,428,664 kB or ~9.5 GB. The SD card has about 15GB free, and the tracks that do not transcode are strewn throughout my library - i.e. they are not just the first or last ones in the queue.

It seems strange to me, man, strange to me, don't it seem strange to you?
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