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AOL Radio Causing WinAmp To Crash

AOL Radio audio streams are making Winamp crash. When I select an AOL station, the upfront video commercial plays and then I get an error message: "Winamp has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem. (Then) A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

Previously, Winamp just stalled when I tried to play an AOL Radio stream. I would click on a station in the AOL Radio list. I got the station info page which said "Connecting" but nothing happened (not even the upfront commercial) - Winamp just stalled indefinitely.

I did a clean reinstall and reinstalled Winamp 5.61 Pro (new download) with all default settings and no additional plug-ins. Now I get the commercial and then Winamp crashes.

Either way, I can't run AOL Radio streams (either AOL or CBS streams). Shoutcast streams work OK. Any ideas? Thanks.

Please include all relevant Winamp & System specs, including:
-A List of Plugins - No additional plugins - default at install only
-PC or Motherboard make/model - eMachines ET-1831-07
-CPU & RAM Pent Dual Core CPU E5400 @ 2.7 GHz 4.0 Gb RAM
-Sound card or chip RealTek Hi Definition Audio
-Videocard Nvidia GeForce 7050/nForce 620i
-Windows OS (including Service Pack, eg. WinXP sp2) Win 7 Premium 64 bit sp1
-DirectX version ver11
-Winamp version 5.61
-Confirmation of the Winamp installation type Pro
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