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1\ Get an SD Card Reader and see how the SD Card is treated. Maybe something about the way the player advertises itself that is confusing Winamp to think it is an Andoid with no disk space.

2\ Pick a group of ten files and encode. See if you can spot what it is about the files that fail to convert that is different. This should help narrow it down.

3\ The comment in your second post about how you lost half your library during an upgrade may well be related. Do you now have a clean library? All missing files removed?

4\ As you are trying to encode at such low quality of 96kbps, why not just swap to MP3 and see how that behaves? I assume your device can handle MP3, so see no point in trying to use an Apple format on this device. Especially when encoding at such low quality.

5\ What happens if you just do a SendTo->Format Converter and encode the files to a separate folder on your hard drive. Does this convert clean? If yes, then we blame something about how Winamp views the device. (Personally, if this one works, I'd just use this method to convert your tracks and then manually drag and drop to the music player)
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