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Hmm.. format converter fails when converting to hdd with flac, mp3, m4a+aac and m4a+mpeg1 source files (only the m4a+mpeg1 failure gives a vocal "cannot open encoder" error; the rest have the aforementioned 0kb resultant files). It goes without saying the Winamp can play all these files fine.

EDIT: well that's interesting. Mucking around with various formats - WMA, mp3, and even he-aac (raw, i.e. without the mp4 container) all work fine. the problem however is reproducable with all transcodes using an mp4 container - both he-aac and lc-aac. I don't have a pro licence so I can't check the high bitrate he-aac encoder, however this seems somewhat interesting. Where to go from here?

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