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Ah. And I have repeated your issue.

Picked some "Apple lossless" tracks (downloads from NiN). All are files with m4a extension. Did a Send To -> Format Converter. Selected MP3 files to be output. And sure enough - I get the message box up "Cannot Find Decoder"

I'll edit this post shortly with the results of further tests with different file types. (Now edited with more findings)

.m4a Apple Lossless file. (ALAC) Bitrate between 415 to 1063kbps. All fail to convert.
.m4a (AAC). Bitrate 128kbps. Converted fine.
.flac (FLAC). Bitrate 752kbps. Converted fine.
.mp3 (MP3). Bitrate 181kbps. Converted fine.
.wma (WMA). Bitrate 192kbps. Converted fine.

So far I have never had a track created which was 0k. When they fail to convert, no file is saved (folders are still created). I get an error message for each failed track.

I am using the PRO licence on my Winamp. Hence the conversions to MP3 in this test.

What are you exact settings in your conversion window? I notice you are converting to M4A. Which one are you using?

I'll do some random experiments, but it does look like there is some kind of conversion issue with ALAC.

(Note: I can pull up detailed "MediaInfo" information for any file if this helps anyone else. Didn't add it to this post as that can quickly be too much info)
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