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Using Shoutcast in WinAmp?

I've never tried to use Shoutcast inside of my WinAmp software but I'm pretty sure that it can be done.

I have looked about for help on this subject but seem to find myself running into dead ends. As much as I like WinAmp (have been using it exclusively for 15? years), I've noticed it has very little documentation on things. Which is OK because I've run into problems using it maybe ... twice? (like somehow I once lost my password or ability to get my Pro upgrade onto a new computer ... and the WinAmp folks helped me out immediately)

I use WinAmp Pro v5.63(x86) in "classic" mode. I highly recommend it. I have to admit that all I normally use it for is playing my extensive library of MP3's (over 38,000 titles) but I would like to check out at least its ability to handle streaming radio.
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