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if that's the case, in the media library window and the 'Online Services' entry, you may already have a 'SHOUTcast Radio' entry, if not then you can add it by finding it in the list on the 'Online Services' page.

if you don't have an 'Online Services' entry then you can re-run the Winamp installer to get it installed, and the installer will optionally allow you to select online services to install.

once you've got the view loaded then you can search and click to play &/or bookmark stations to play later. you might want to change it to enqueue the stations rather than just playing which clears your playlist (there's a gear symbol next to the show xxx options where that can be changed.

if you don't have or don't want the 'Online Services' page, you can just manually add a SHOUTcast playlist / server address to the main Winamp playlist via the 'Add URL' dialog (from the main window or the playlist editor). you can get them by right-clicking on the link on the search results from

and that's basically it.

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