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RE: where to get an ad to put in the radio

AFAIK (as far as I know), ads kick in automagically when you play a 2-minute audio file in which the author and song names begin with "Advert:". This has to be set in the ID3 tags of your 2-minute "placeholder". When there are ads available to your listeners, they'll hear the ads, and if there are none, your audio will be heard.

Take for example, "Queen - We Will Rock You". If you own that album (Greatest Hits), you can craft the song by prefixing "Advert:" in the author and song name tags. Then you keep it rolling at least twice per hour and eventually your audience will get ads.

Some things to keep in mind:
1-- you need a legal license for all your ad placeholders, either by doing them yourself (it's your creation), or owning the physical media (bought the CD/tape/record/whatever).
2-- your audience must live in any country where Radionomy currently has advertisements allotted (check your Revenues tab in the RMO panel) for the whole thing to work.
3-- I'm no expert, so I may be wrong :-)

Hope it helps.
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