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My new plugin: AjaxAMP Network Control

Just finished my first plugin. I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions.

It basically allows you to control Winamp from any web browser. Not the first of this type of plugin, but I think the most complete and unique in the way the interface is done. It runs as a lightweight web server inside Winamp and uses the XmlHttpRequest object (AJAX) to handle communication between the client's web browser and the server.

This version imitates the Winamp Modern skin. I am most interested in adding full skinning support, whereby the web interface would reflect whatever skin is currently in use on the server, but I'm struggling with a way to ask Winamp for the main player console bitmap and associated button coordinates. Does the API provide any such facility?

You can find the plugin .dll here.
Just drop it in the Plugins folder, start Winamp, and point a web browser to the computer's IP address at port 5151 e.g.

Let me know what you think.

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