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Hi WoundedLion,

Very VERY cool! I digd into the ”api” and found the ”playfile” command which works perfectly (and “playplaylist” – haven’t tested), but already now i have a suggestion: How about a “playdirectory” command? Please? Yes? Smiley face etc. :-)

And maybe a “has play list changed”.. Thou "getplaylistlength” != last play list length is ok.

Oh oh, and maybe a short “playlist.xml” version like “playlist.xml?crop=10” that will get 10 trakcs before and after the current “getplaylistpos”.

Btw, ”setplaylistpos” needs a ”play” after call, or else winamp will shift track, status etc. but keep playing the “old” track (strange). But work with immediate “play” command after.

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