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Originally posted by alnis
Hi there!
There is a bug in Winamp since 5.34. When I click on Winamp playlist window, then on some other program's window, and then on Winamp playlist (or taskbar button) again, only the playlist appears topmost, but main window and equalizer is still behind the other program's window.
Looks smth like HERE
I am using Winamp classic interface on XP SP2.
I have Show Winamp in: --> Taskbar & System tray.
BTW, when I minimize Winamp and restore again, this bug is gone for a while.
Originally posted by DJ Egg

I can't reproduce that. Anyone else?
Is 'always on top' enabled for Winamp?
Is 'always on top' enabled for that other program you've got running, or for any other programs?
I've noticed that happening for the last couple versions now, but it doesn't happen that often. I've never posted any kinda bug report about it or anything, cause it never happens often enough for me to be bothered by it.
The only thing i have set to 'always on top' is windows task manager.
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