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I founded the function. It's :
int (*httpRetrieveFile)(HWND hwnd, char *url, char *file, char *dlgtitle);

at line 377 in wa502_sdk\winamp\wa_ipc.h

I founded an use of it here

I founded this :
error=SendMessage(mod.hMainWindow,WM_USER,(WPARAM)NULL,240); // get HTTP getter function

So i tried to do the same thing with the same window handler (m_hwnd is the handler used in ml_ex plugin but doesn't work). Doing this SendMessage return a number greater than 1.
Then I try to use
httpRetrieveFile(plugin.hwndWinampParent, url, file, dlgtitle);
but running Winamp : Run-Time Check Failure #3 - The variable 'httpRetrieveFile' is being used without being defined..

Do someone knows which HWND I have to use with httpRetrieveFile and SendMessage functions ?


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