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DNAS Win32 1.9.8 - Streaming AAC+ from the latest build of SAM Broadcaster at 96k.

The server is way over-spec'd just for this single purpose machine, which is to distribute the encoded stream from the media server (there are no problems between the server and the PC). The problem is the asymmetrical I/O between the input and output on just this server. There are no overruns being reported in the DNAS logs. It is only using 25% of the CPU, at it's busiest. The kernel processes are not too active.

Winamp (set to realtime priority) is the latest beta v5.7 build 3444.

I have been working on this particular issue for almost 2 years and have tweaked the buffering on the input and outputs, used 3rd party input and output plug-ins (now back to running the Winamp defaults) and this is the best I can get it.

Anything else you need to know?
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