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Originally Posted by Dro Chilla View Post
I created new playlist named like "Artist - Album: Blablabla" then i click to extract and window won't pop up.

"on second time" I mean, I can remove first created playlist with symbol (like . or !), but second one won't disappear until restart.
I'm using the English version with no language packs. When trying to export a medial library playlist with a name containing characters that Windows will not accept for a filename, the export dialog will not open until I rename the playlist and remove the unacceptable characters. Playlist names that are only used within Winamp can contain any character for the reason I gave before.

I never tried to export a playlist with an unacceptable name before, but when the export dialog opened in previous versions, with an illegal filename, didn't Windows object if you tried to save the file with this name? Now you are prevented from even getting that far. This seems reasonable to me. Do you prefer the dialog open and then being allowed to change the name in the dialog? That also sounds reasonable to me, but it is probably too late to revert to that behavior.

As to the 2nd issue, I also see that the 2nd illegal filename is not removed from the list of playlists after a command to delete until Winamp is restarted, but the filenames in the 2nd list are deleted before the restart. The filename of the playlist should have been removed, but at least the filenames in the list were. It is probably to late for this cosmetic error, imo, to be fixed.

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