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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
MP3 Diags reports that the ID3v2 tag has an APIC frame, but the image couldn't be loaded.
"Error loading image in APIC frame. The frame is too short anyway to have space for an image."
"APIC size = 13. Status = error."

So yes, it's corrupt, and you should delete it (the relevant image tag)

As for the crash, you shouldn't be using in_mp3 v1.05
Only v1.03 is officially supported, and my guess would be that there's no crash when using it.
Egg, you posted 105, and it works fine for me, save this one instance. its kind of nonsense to say i shouldn't be using something you posted, is it not? i DL'd, installed, and used it prior to any official withdrawal and i don't believe there is any onus on me whatsoever to stop using it, is there?

i agree it isn't officially supported, ergo why i mentioned it. it might however illuminate as to an issue in yet to arrive future inmp3s, which is another reason why i mentioned it.

now, it may already be fixed in the alpha you are playing with, and that may be b/c of a previous report, b/c as i mentioned, this seems vaguely familiar, ie. the crash with the folder art in the folder as opposed to not in the folder. i'm glad to hear it doesn't crash 103, (which might also be due to a previous bug report), but my only intention is to help you devs going forward.

if it doesn't help, fine, but i don't think its appropriate to tell me what i should or shouldn't do with something you posted.

Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
I tried it with in_mp3 v1.03 and there was no crash.
Plus, the folder.jpg was displayed as album art.
ryerman, had you first scanned it into the ML? or just played it via doubleclick in windows explorer?

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