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Would you keep using a recalled smartphone because your's hasn't caught fire yet? Would you keep using a recalled airbag because your's hasn't exploded yet? Would you keep eating a recalled food product because your's hasn't made you sick yet? I'm sure you can add other recall examples.

Once a vendor has announced the recall of a product, the onus IS on you to handle it in the manner that the vendor recommends. Once a faulty product is discovered, a responsible vendor SHOULD tell you what you should and shouldn't do with it.

This is only a recalled software module and it can't physically hurt you, but the obvious point is the same. If you experience bad results from using it (after you have been TOLD not to) then the fault (and responsibility) is yours, not the vendor's.

I'm confident that the Winamp developers investigated the faulty module BEFORE issuing the recall and will try to keep the underlying problem(s) from reoccurring.

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