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Thanks martin !
it works well with the 2
I just added an id to the component, put it before the "<Wasabi:StandardFrame:PL" call and added the setFocus() to the clearlayout onmove, btw I forgot it would do the same when clicking on the playlist component too so that the clearlayout is overlayed by the rest ^^, I'm trying to figure out how to handle that, I tried to use onLeftButtonDown or Up with the component but looks like it won't work :/, if you have an idea

Ok found another problem, first I don't know if I was drugged or what but can't get bringtofront working (maybe it was not working ... strange) and there's a problem when using the setfocus with the onmove has i said because when the clearwindow is docked it looks like it takes the focus when i click the main window so i can't for exemple change volume using the mouse wheel ...

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