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Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post

Several days ago NOBODY MOVED A FINGER in order to create a new tablet skin and now I am the selfish bad guy who does not want to share? And you need invitation? Why did you delete it Ariszó? If there is such a demand, why did you never start such a community project?

O.K. Here you go! The stage is yours.

How easily you misinterpret things.. He was defending you actually, I got that right from the very first line of text. Too much sensitivity here, and also from ariszló, soggynoodles isn't taking credit for anything, he's just proposing to work as a collab, with some people throwing ideas and some executing. The way I see it, it was steadily headed to be a 2-man skin, Peterk in coding and soggynoodles in graphics.

Also, remarking "several days ago" when the thread is 3 days old is an exaggeration, this forum has seen requests sleep for weeks before someone answered.

@soggynoodles now that I double - checked I can see your DeviantArt note.. I don't know how to say this but
I didn't take it seriously because of your profiles uploads, I thought it was some kinda of joke hah. If I was to do the job (which I'm not, specially due to time restrictions), would be nice to see what are your graphic skills, a Winamp skin takes too much time to make for it to end up being done poorly from the gfx side of things (at least that's how I see it, but I may be too obsessive with the aesthetics for being a designer..)
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