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Thanks for the info!

So, basically, what you're saying is that the Creative MP3 Codec (CTMP3.ACM) is effectively useless if made the default MPEG Audio Codec on your system; and when it co-exists with the original default Windows codec (Advanced Fraunhofer IIS L3 Codec - L3CODECA.ACM), and both codecs are enabled, then neither of them work whatsoever?
Or at least, neither of them work for Shoutcast streaming purposes, but you can still encode & decode MP3's on your HDD . . . yes, no, maybe?

I really think it would be wise for anyone who's experienced this particular problem to report it via the proper channels, which in this case would be c/o CreativeLabs Tech Support Feedback Form:
Make sure you include your full sys specs & a clear detailed description of the problem. Making them aware of the issue will hopefully prompt them to fix it!

Like I said above, you only need the one codec to encode, play & stream MP3's and it's not recommended to ever remove the default Windows codec (via: Multimedia -> Devices tab -> Audio Compression Codecs -> Fraunhofer MP3 Codec -> Properties -> "Remove" button).
I don't even recommend that you ever checkmark "don't use this codec".
Basically, "Use this codec" should always be selected for the Fraunhofer codec and the "priority" should be set fairly high (It's got priority 1 on my machine!).
btw, if you ever wrongly remove the Advanced codec, as far as I know, the only way to reinstall it is to reinstall Windows Media Player (v6.4 or above).
The only time you should ever disable the Advanced codec is if you install the Professional version (whether by purchase or by other means)

You'd think CreativeLabs would be aware of something so fundamentally basic as this?
I'd love to see their comments, as much as I'd love to know what the supposed advantages are of having their replacement codec.
Hey, I'd report it myself, but I'm already in the middle of an e-mail session with a CreativeLabs Technician regarding certain bugs in their Winamp General Purpose plugin (gen_nomad.dll). More info on that one = here.

Hmm, the ongoing saga continues!

Thanks again for the info. I'm sure it will prove VERY useful!
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